Hello and Welcome!  I am so glad you stopped by to visit my webpage.  I have always believed that there are no such things as coincidences, so it is by no coincidence that you have been led to this page.

My favorite Astrologer, Melissa Stratton, stated in one of her monthly columns for Sagittarius, “Learn to uplift yourself by appreciating the good life has to offer, and reach out to others and help them realize this too”.  I don’t think I could have said this more appropriately and her statement sets the theme for this website.

Are you appreciating the good life has to offer?  Are there blockages or challenges that are preventing you from being…you? Everyone’s path to happiness and wellness is different as are the techniques available that they navigate, experience and further learn about in their quest to find their true self.

Perhaps that is what led you to this website.  I invite you to read about my services, classes and workshops and discover if perhaps you may have just found one of the paths you have been seeking to help you realize and appreciate the good that life has to offer!

“Namaste – Have a Great Day!”