Other Services

As my thirst for knowledge never ceases, I am always learning about and training in other modalities. My goal is to integrate these continuing education opportunities to into my services which are incorporated as part of my mission to empower others to empower themselves. Here is something I have been trained in demonstrating by the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation (www.tcmworld.org). For more information, visit www.breastcancer.com.


These are specific movements from the Wu Ming Qigong practice developed by Grand Master Nan Lu based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In this program, attendees will learn 7 powerful yet simple energy movements that can help unblock energy to vital meridians that affect the breast area and encourage energy flow.  I offer a 3 session (one-hour each session) workshop which is beneficial to all women to improve their breast health as well as helpful during recovery from chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Experience these movements and feel the healing power of energy to support your breast health (and bring a bosom buddy with you to this workshop). If you would like information on current classes or if you wish to host this workshop at your facility, contact me at 570-460-8485.